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Thursday February 28, 2019

Ikebana - Japanese Flower Arranging

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Garden Show

The Gardening Club holds an annual Garden Show and Sale at Zilker Garden, and all members are encouraged to attend. Voluteers are always wanted to help with the set up and organization and also with the plant sales.

The 2018 Garden show was held June 2-3, 2018.

Plant Show Results
There were 130 entires. Awards were given as follows:

Horticultural Excellence- Don and Pat Freeman
King of Show - Alice Merculief
Queen of Show - Dwaine Osbourne
Prince and Princess Awards - Don and Pat Freeman and Elaine Allan
Club Cultivars - Robert Day and Laura Holland

Thanks to Dick Peterson who chaired the Plant Show, Laura Joseph for coordinating the afternoon speaker programs, and Dwain Osborne for designed the promotional material.